September 30, 2008

Engagement Pictures

I told you they were coming so here they are! I still haven't quite wrapped my head around how real this is. We've been talking about it for what seems like forever but it finally happened and I couldn't be happier.
Marcel Drew + MaryBeth = FAEA
(Forever And Ever Always)
A not very good picture of how beautiful my ring is! (More attempts to come)
The first kiss as an engaged couple
Look at my pretty ring ;)
My happiness always comes with tears
Wow, I can't believe this is happening!
Happily in love (no flash!)
Happily in love (with flash!)
Happy kisses
I'm lucky to get to kisses from him for the rest of forever
2 of my 5 bridesmaids! Missing: Emily & Hannah Shoemaker, Allison Scofield

September 29, 2008


I've been thinking about getting to post this on my blog for quite some time but the time has finally come! Marcel proposed to me tonight! I can't wrap my head around all of the emotions running through me right now. I feel so loved by him and all my family and friends.

How it happened:
I kinda saw it coming. One week ago we went together to the jewelry store to look for rings. I always said I never wanted to do that, but it was an experience of a lifetime. Sharing that with Marcel is something no one can ever take from me. The lady there even let him look at wedding bands so that we were playing fair: if I got to try on rings so did he. Yesterday, I had a Sunday School Open House after church so Marcel left me there to go to "shoe shopping". Last night, he asked for my car for today to run some errands. It kinda gave it away but with him not having a car there wasn't much he could do! He decided that we needed to go swinging tonight--that's what sort of clued me in...He knows I'm a big fan of swinging but I've never got the impression that he is. We walked from campus to a nearby park to swing. After he took 100 pictures of me swinging, he pulled out the box while I was still swinging to which I replied, "I think I need to stop swinging now." I am a "scaredy cat" so I can't jump off swings so I had to try to slow myself down enough to get out and go kiss my boyfriend (still was boyfriend at the time). Tears didn't come until I got out of the swing and got to Marcel. We moved away from the swings and he got down on one knee and said those 4 famous words. Of course I accepted and continued the crying! We stayed in the park and took tons of pictures of me, the ring, us as an engaged couple. What a night I ended up having!

There are 200 pictures of the night (if you don't believe that Marcel loves being behind the camera, read my blog about my birthday) but my camera battery is dead so I can't upload the rest of the pictures until tomorrow. Don't worry the better ones are coming!

Here's one for the night...

Marcel trying to entertain me by swinging with me. He looks pretty silly but I love him anyways and am very glad to call him "my dork".

September 27, 2008

Birthday Pictures #2

Because I have 735 pictures to go through I couldn't pick just 5 or 6, hence my second post of pictures!

Me and Marcel's footprints. One of mine is by each of his.

My first sand drawing of the day. The one on the other post was the last drawing I did...

My favorite wave picture of many that Marcel took. I have always enjoyed Seaside or Cannon Beach (the 2 beaches we frequent most) but I think I found a new favorite!

Marcel again holding the camera at weird angles, but again the weird angle made a picture we love most. I guess his ideas are pretty darn good (most of the time!)

On our way home we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Its really quite boring, but they have really good free cheese samples for Marcel (fyi: MaryBeth doesn't eat cheese and that's one food I'm putting my foot down on trying 3 times) and the best ice cream.

I wanted to get in on taking pictures while the other was eating but it didn't work and this is what I got: a decent picture of my handsome boyfriend.

Again, I just have to say I had a great time on a birthday I wasn't terribly excited for. Thank you to all of you for the birthday wishes you sent my way.

Birthday Pictures

Before the pictures, I forgot to mention in the last post that Marcel is very proud of me after lunch today. I'm a very picky eater and somehow something came up about having to eat something 3 times before deciding if you like it or not. So, he decided that was our new rule, 3 bites of everything for MaryBeth. Today I had 3 bites of clam chowder, which I said I didn't like before the 3 bites, and still don't like. Also we ordered a sampler plate of the brewery's 7 beers because we are both afraid of ordering a normal size drink and then not liking it, and I tried each one. There were a few of them that I could tolerate but none that I really liked and I won't be trying beer again in the near future. But I still passed the 3 taste (or drink!) test and got many props from my absolutely loving boyfriend who spoiled me rotten this weekend!

Okay, now for the pictures!

After the sunrise, I practically ran back to the car because my feet were freezing. Marcel stayed behind to get a picture of me in the sun. It turned out beautifully if you ask me...

The sand dune. I don't think any of the pictures we took of it does it any justice for how hard it was. Oh well, we know what a stuggle we overcame together.

At the top of the dune, proud of each other for motivating the other to finish!
My "yucky" face. I wasn't happy with much of the beer, but tried anyway. Also, should let you know that Marcel took nearly 50 pictures of me eating lunch (and I didn't realize it for most of them) so this is the one I'm choosing to include. If he ever wanted to post, he could show you all those other pictures, but I'm not going to do that to myself.

My goofy boyfriend, but I still consider myself very lucky to get to call him mine :)

Marcel Drew + MaryBeth = FAEA
Forever And Ever Always

23rd Birthday at Pacific City

To celebrate my 23rd birthday--September 26 (yes, I'm the older one in the relationship!), me and Marcel headed down to Pacific City, the first beach I ever visited once at school in Oregon. We left Forest Grove late Friday night and made it there around 10pm--after a quick check to make sure we weren't lost. 8 hours later, yes I was up at 6am, we got up and drove to the beach to sit out and watch the sunrise. We sat facing the water so didn't see the sunrise but were still amazed by the changing scenery and God's creation with each minute we sat there.

The real "reason" for the trip was to climb the sand dune. I did it 4 years ago on my first trip to the beach, and remembered it being hard, but this time it was difficult. It was very good motivation to get my butt moving again :)

We had a great walk along the beach and writing in the sand and Marcel was a fantastic photographer. He always goes over board with pictures, but this time he even out did himself: 735 pictures and a handful of video clips. I'll update the post in the near future with photos, but because I have so many to go through it will take some time and we are headed out for one more birthday event--a movie date! I didn't have this blog on Marcel's birthday, but when he was growing up he had a birthday month (April) until his little brother was born (in the same month!) so he was demoted to half month, but since I was raised on only a birthDAY we compromised on 5 birthDAYs, so since Monday I have been able to use "but it's my birthday" whenever I feel like it.

I had a great time at the beach and overall had an amazing 23rd birthday. I wasn't very excited to turn 23 but for the almost 2 days that I have been 23 it has been perfect!

A teaser for the many more pictures to come!
Me and Marcel sitting on the beach during the sunrise, bundled up (I had 3 jackets on!) and enjoying each other's company...

September 22, 2008

SYTYCD Tour Stop in Portland, Oregon

Last night, I was able to come clean on my latest bet with Marcel Drew: So You Think You Can Dance. As you all know (if not, see previous post "You Gotta Lose Every Once in Awhile"), I lost a bet with Marcel for the first time out of 6. Back in early August, I bought us tickets to their tour stop in Portland and the night finally came. We had never been before and didn't really know what to expect but it turned out to be just the best dances from the season, and very few new dances. We had great seats for me being poor and buying the cheapest tickets possible! We happened to be in the front row of the "bad" section so we were able to see everything perfectly(I did wear my glasses just to help that much more!).

Marcel again was the photographer so I had 130 pictures to go through but I think I found some of the best ones to show!

And during the very last dance I remembered to tell Marcel that my camera has a video camera on it so he got the end of one of the winner's dances, but then he recorded their new dance that was sort of like an encore. Don't mind the little bit of the video he took of me in the middle of the dance. Enjoy!

September 6, 2008

A College Student With Nothing To Do

This weekend is the only weekend when Marcel doesn't have an event on-campus. And when there is an event, he HAS to go because he puts it on, being pretty much the lone sound guy at Pacific (he even has an event to do on MY birthday). So we took advantage of a free Friday night and went to McMenamins, got a tasty drink--I recommend everyone try an Electric Watermelon if you drink alcoholic drinks!--watched a movie (Wanted) and soaked in their Soaking Pool (a really big hot tub). I didn't like the movie, but I figured I wouldn't--it was Marcel's selection, but it was still good to be together. The hot tub is always nice so there's no room for complaining there!

It's nice to spend time together but as I sit here in his dorm with his roommates and all their friends, I am reminded that I am no longer a college student. Living off-campus is weird (it's the first time since I've lived in Forest Grove that I have) but even more weird is being on-campus and not being a student. Good thing Marcel only has 1 year left to be on-campus!

A picture of us headed home after a great soak!

September 4, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Marcel and I took advantage of the long weekend and headed back up to Olympia. I left work early Friday to try to beat the Portland traffic, which we did! I don't think 3 days is enough to warrant a trip, even going only to Washington but Marcel's dad got married, so we had the perfect excuse for the traveling. The ceremony was beautiful and marked the 4th one I attended this summer (#3 with Marcel)--let's just say I'm learning lots about weddings :) It was also Harbor Day (or weekend, I'm not exactly sure) in Olympia and Snoh (Marcel's little brother) was very excited to go and see the pirate boats. We were even able to tour one of the boats from "Pirates of the Caribbean". It's fun to do activities with little kids; they make it so much fun! Now it's back to my last week of work in my summer job and I have yet to find something else. I'm working on it and have applications turned in like crazy but nothings happened yet. Only time will tell I guess :)

These are just a few of the best pictures. I have 250+ from the weekend because that's what happens when I let Marcel be the photographer :)

Me and Marcel at his dad's wedding.

Enjoying a Labor Day date at Priest Point park. What a beautiful place Olympia is!

Still at the park; isn't he so handsome? I had to include a picture of just Marcel :)

Little brother, big brother with "Say Cheese" Faces

Me and my other family with some pirates on the pirate ship! Snoh was a little distracted with the little boy it looks like. He had a great time.

Snoh with all the pirate accessories

Marcel set Snoh on the trunk to open the door and without missing a beat he decided the roof of my car looked more fun.