February 27, 2009

Cake Tasting

Yesterday Marcel went to Tacoma for Pacific's girls basketball playoff game. After the game, he was able to stop by his house and pick up some cake samples that our wedding cake baker sent with Marcel's mom (We know the baker through Coco--they work together).

Today we had a date to eat some cake! I was surprised to see that we had 3 decent sized cakes, not just small pieces of each kind. I can't explain why, but 2 of them were the same flavor, but it happened to be the kind we liked: Strawberry Swirl. It is very similar to what we had told him we wanted, just a little fancier than the out-of-a-box kind we're used to. We had our first experience with Red Velvet cake, which neither of us liked.

Enjoy the pictures; they can't be as good as the cake, but I hope they suffice!
Our 3 cakes!

Before the tasting!

Yummy Strawberry Swirl!

February 20, 2009

No longer private

Awhile ago my facebook was hacked into and I soon after made my blog private, but I am missing so many email addresses so no one could read it--isn't that counterproductive?

So today I made a decision--there isn't much on my blog that is too "private" so I may as well have an all access blog again. Maybe one day down the road I'll go private again but for now, feel free to enjoy staying caught up with everything new and exciting going on in my life.

February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

Marcel and I realized that this was the first time in 3 years that we've actually spent Valentine's Day together. Last year I got to play with dead people (I was in the cadaver lab as part of my anatomy class) and I can't remember our first one. We had a marathon day planned out, as I was getting my Super Bowl bet as well as a Valentine's date, but Marcel ended up leading worship that morning and I also ended up taking an open shift at the gym. By the time we were date-ready, it was much later than we had planned.

Our day ended up looking like this:
*Lunch at Olive Garden--a place we love but rarely go to because it's too far from Forest Grove
*Trying to find the ice skating rink--we ended up finding it just as public skate time ended
*Movie--we just showed up at the theater hoping to see He's Just Not That Into You, and luckily enough, we were just a few minutes early!
*My vow writing while Marcel was at a school basketball game
*Marcel opened my small gift for him (the whole day was my present)
*We postponed McMenamin's Soaking Pool until tonight, so our Valentine's Day still isn't over!

Me at the computer working on draft #2 of my vows

We're not very good at taking pictures at places anymore, but this is after a great day of being together
Marcel enjoying "Slate" cologne from Banana Republic
a favorite of both of ours
Kissy faces, I'm trying to make mine a perfect circle like Marcel's

February 13, 2009

House Search

The last few weeks it seemed everyone I talked to had one question for me...

"Where will you and Marcel live?"

All I could tell them was that we want/need to stay in Forest Grove so Marcel can get back and forth to school on his mo-ped or bike when I'm working. Plus, I'm just not quite ready to live somewhere else! Everytime I thought about it, it stressed me out. I called on an apartment Tuesday and went driving around Wednesday looking for places for rent. I did find quite a few places, but Thursday morning I got a call back from the only place I called with a message of having an empty apartment starting the first week in April, just the timeline we were hoping for!
My lease is up in May before the wedding and graduation so students won't have vacated their apartments, thus the April timeframe. Plus, my mom already had tentative plans of bringing out my wedding dress in April so now she can come help move. We're so lucky!

We have now turned in our applications and should know Monday or Tuesday if they were approved. I was told the only reason they ever get denied is outstanding rent (we have none!), a felony charge (we have none!), or a violent misdemeanor that would threaten the safety of other residents (we have none!).

Seems our house search is over just as quick as it started!

February 12, 2009

107 and Counting

About 3 or so weeks ago, I got really excited about making a chain countdown to May 30, 2009, just like little kids do for Christmas. I cut some paper we bought for our invitations into the infamous strips. I started with 110 strips, but messed up 2 of them by writing the wrong number on them, so I had a 108 link chain hanging around my room. I felt silly leaving it up this whole time without being able to rip any down, but the day finally came! I was finally able to rip one down last night, officially starting my countdown (it has been going in my head since about 125 days!) I guess now I need to get my butt in gear on planning the rest of our big day!

Enjoy some pictures I managed to get of the pretty pink and orange chain...
All 108 links
The first one I tore down

February 1, 2009


Today, Marcel and I were lucky enough to watch the Super Bowl with some of his closest friends (who have a very nice new house that I'd love to have when I have a family with lots of kids and its my own house). We had a great time and it was nice for him to be able to catch up with old friends.

The main reason for this post though is not for rekindling friendships, but to let it be known that my winning streak is back on! 6-1 and counting! I got a phone call early one morning (maybe afternoon, but it was early for me) and on the other end was Marcel claiming the Arizona Cardinals as his pick for Super Bowl XLIII, leaving me with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I at first didn't want to take the bet, but decided that wasn't in the spirit of our betting history. Normally the prize is something related to the bet (SYTYCD tour tickets for the winner of our SYTYCD bet) or planning a surprise date but this time we each picked a date we wanted to go on. Marcel picked to go to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) to see the Da Vinci exhibit. I picked ice cream, ice skating and a night at the soaking pool.

I'm sure Marcel will be very grateful for his warm hat and gloves from Christmas on an upcoming day at the ice rink.