January 31, 2009

98.7 or 105.1

The one big difference between Marcel and I is our musical selection. Over the last 32 months (the math is easy with wedding being at the 3 year mark!) we have always disagreed over what station to listen to while driving. Marcel is into the more Top-40 stuff and I'm a huge fan of country. We have generally listened to Christian to keep us both happy.

Well over the last week that has changed dramatically. It was only ever on country music. After a few days I called Marcel on his new musical appreciation to which he replied, "well listening to it can't kill me and if you really like it and it makes you happy, it makes me happy."

I'm treated like a princess and in less than 4 months I'll finally be his queen!

January 26, 2009

Month Overdue

I feel like I've always done pretty well about keeping my blog up-to-date, but somehow this month has just gotten away from me. I blame it on the fact that the month has been just pretty average.

I'm still working 2 part-time jobs just barely enough to cover expenses. It's definitely teaching me to watch my money more carefully, a skill I already claimed to have, but am learning so much better! The one thing I'm not enjoying about my work situation is the common 4 hour windows in between my shifts. Do I go back to Forest Grove or stay out near my jobs; is it enough time to justify the drive or not?

Wedding planning is fitting in my life here and there. We've met with catering and still don't have a menu, talked with the florist and it opened up question after question about the big day. Marcel has written his vows already, and I haven't started. Invitations have been designed, now onto printing and hand-making them, something I'm really looking forward to! We have plane tickets for our honeymoon. That list makes me feel very accomplished, so I don't want to think about everything else we have left to do. Marcel and I are both trying to find a happy balance on what we want and don't want (we don't want frilly, floofy, fluffy, the 3 F-words). We've decided that we really just care about writing our own vows and attire and although we do realize other things are important we don't want the stress of it.

On a more positive note, I'm finding great joy in scrapbooking our journey. I want to have our 3 years (well it is officially 3 years 8 days before our wedding) scrapbooked to have at our wedding--that's my goal and so far I'm doing really well. The amount of pictures Marcel has been taking of each event has drastically decreased since my birthday and the proposal so it should be getting quicker and quicker to complete.

January 3, 2009

My Perfect Guy!

Since returning from Idaho, Marcel has gone over and beyond the call of duty in my house and he's slightly embarrased about me telling people, but like I said before he doesn't read this!

Each day when I've returned from work I discovered something domestic he had done. The first day he had cleaned the whole kitchen: stove, microwave, fridge and counters and even managed to mop the floors! The second day he had vacuumed the living room, did the dishes and even made lunch in time to have it ready for when I got home. Because he is worried about his domestic skills ruining his reputation, he told me to tell my roommmates that I did everything, but I'm not taking credit, because he did everything on his own without my asking!! A few weeks ago at pre-marital counseling, I re-remembered that he'd love to stay at home later in life when kids are in the picture, and after this week I think he'd do great :)

January 2, 2009

Tradition for Shoemaker Girls

I said in my last post that going home allowed our tradition to continue and the truth is that it is a fairly new tradition but we've enjoyed doing it each year.

We always try to coordinate our outfits, which is harder than it seems because we have to plan it far in advance since me and Hannah both fly home for Christmas and don't have our entire wardrobe to select from...




Christmas in Idaho

Marcel and I were able to go to Idaho the 27th early early to spend Christmas with my family. I did have to leave Marcel behind 2 days so that I could go wedding dress shopping. Needless to say it was productive because I found "the perfect one" (as my sister wants me to say) and it is now at my mom's house waiting to be delivered to me in the spring in time for the big day in May! Going home also allowed the tradition of sister pictures to continue--see the newer post!

Some of the best!
Mom's Christmas tree
Marcel Drew & MaryBeth--again in Idaho!

Sisters having fun shopping

Wedding dress shopping!
It's okay to be on the web because:
1) Marcel doesn't read my blog and now that it is "private" he hasn't been invited yet. Oops :)
2) It is a very ugly dress from the first place we went that had about 5 choices ;(