June 11, 2009


Once again I'm reminding you that I have a new site and I did in fact already import this one so everything I've ever posted is there as well. That means I may one day delete this blog but I'm waiting for awhile, if I ever get around to it at all.


June 9, 2009

Wedding Post

Okay, I have finally found some time to post about our wedding, but I'll warn you: it's very short and brief, with only 3 pictures from what I took of days leading up to the big day. I'm working towards getting pictures from people via facebook and myspace, which takes me a good amount of time.
Anyway, the post is at my new site:
That is also where most, probably more like all, of my future posts will be.
I may even try to import this blog into that one so I only have one address but I'm not getting around to that either for awhile!

May 21, 2009

9 Days

We're 9 days away!!! We did the paperwork yesterday for our marriage license, so we won't just be having a big party, it will be legal too.

The real reason for the post: because it has been my journal over the last year. I've finally hit that point of feeling that there is a lot left to do. I just heard back from the campus lady about all the stuff I emailed her about almost 2 weeks ago and now have just 5 days to finish everything she needs. The caterers added a bunch of stuff to our contract, which we've never signed a copy of, so know I am going through what we had decided on originally and making the new contract match it again.

I'm trying very hard to be positive about it, because the wedding is supposed to be a celebration and I don't need it to be causing me stress. I'm just ready for the next 9 days to pass, so it can FINALLY be May 30th.

On a more positive note, I decided today that I'm most excited for Marcel to see me walk down a very long aisle in my beautiful white dress and exchanging the letters we've written to each other, which aren't going to be shared until the wedding; and not to mention:
our honeymoon in Las Vegas!

Other countdowns I've started:

2 days: Marcel graduates
3 days: Sisters arrive
4 days left of work
5 days until everything has to be into campus
6 days until I'm on vacation
7 days: Bachelorette party & Mom arrives
8 days: Dad arrives & rehearsal dinner
9 days: WEDDING

May 18, 2009

New Blog Site

The wedding is only 12 days away and somehow I remembered to make a new blog address. I think it's because I know I have so much to do but am left to needing to work out details with Marcel, but he's in finals mode until tomorrow night. I'm not going to delete my old address because it has served like my journal since graduation and would like to think that I may update it occassionally, but I'll now primarily update:
I hope that's easy enough to remember, even if most of you will just have to update your list of blogs you follow! Can't wait to make the first real post, but not until I'm a Bailey ;)

May 15, 2009

I've Been Thinking

Since last night's Grey's Anatomy my mind has been running. It was such a good episode in terms of television season finales, and it was also very emotional and relational. I feel pretty sappy that a TV show can affect me like this, but I can't deny it; plus those of you who really know me already know this about me!

Since the day Marcel proposed to me we've prayed to always realize what is really important in the wedding (to us, hardly anything, besides the vows) and that the bigger thing is the marriage. The show made me re-realize a few things:
  • We will forever put the other person's hopes, dreams, desires, needs and wants before our own
  • Life will get messy and we'll face things we never could have dreamed, but God prepares us for all our challenges
  • God brought us together nearly three years ago (1 week shy!) and He'll keep us that way if we keep him in our relationship
  • There are rewards to marriage that you can never imagine until you are experiencing them firsthand
  • I'm blessed to have found Marcel when I did, so that we could experience everything in life together.
  • Marcel loves me more than I ever thought someone could be loved--he told me today that he loves me 85 trillion times more than I love him!
I'm only 15 days away from becoming a wife and am continually praying, not only with Marcel, but in my own prayer time, that as the wedding gets closer and closer I lose focus on the little things and the wedding things, but instead take time to consider the bigger things: the vows we'll be taking when we commit ourselves to each other and finally become husband and wife.

May 8, 2009


I feel like it has been quite some time since I posted, but I have no new pictures to share and I don't like to blog without some pictures. However, that isn't to say my life has been boring; in fact it has been a crazy adventure lately.

I am officially 100% moved into our new apartment and hoping to get the majority of Marcel's stuff there in the next week or so (I don't think he knows that's my plan!) so that we don't have to do it so close to graduation and the wedding which are only 7 days apart anyway. I'm shortly headed to my old house one last time to make sure it is in fact clean before I meet our landlords after work tonight. My roommates (I'll probably always call them that) and I had a great last few weeks at our house and while we're all very excited for the next step in our lives we are just as sad to walk away from 3-4 years of living together.

So I'm 100% moved in but wish I was 100% unpacked. I just sit in our house and see boxes and boxes and don't really know where the stuff inside the box should live. I have been able to get a lot done but our "office" is still looking very scary. Wish me luck for the next few days to make sure moving and unpacking haven't driven me crazy.

I'm enjoying only being 22 days away from our wedding. Things are still coming together nicely, as they have throughout the planning process. I'm finding a lot of little, yet important, things to get done that I had never thought of before. We continue to pray daily that God will prepare us in every way, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually to be ready for the step we are about to take together and that we remember that the wedding is only 1 day in the rest of our lives together!

April 24, 2009


Last night, Marcel and I were lucky enough to be able to attend Grease in Portland's Keller Auditorium. I was invited because I am a part of Pacific's Alumni Association, everyone who graduates becomes a part of it, I didn't do anything special! I knew it was a "cultural" event which Marcel likes to have me do to open my world up to new things, yet it was one I was actually really excited for. Even with the group ticket prices, I couldn't afford to buy the tickets just because so we went for Marcel's birthday, which is on Sunday. I even treated him to dinner before at his place of choice: P.F. Changs. Little did we know, we'd be there for happy hour and get out with dinner for 2 and dessert for $20!

We had a great time, even if they did overplay Taylor Hicks' role in the whole thing! He did get to sing one of his new songs and we decided that it will make the playlist for our wedding, which is getting closer and closer. We can't wait ;)

At P.F. Chang's

The fountain outside the Keller

Grease is the word!

Before the show

My driver ;)

After the show waiting in the parking garage

April 22, 2009

Marcel's Presentation

Today Marcel presented his senior thesis entitled Percussion In Ensemble. He composed a percussion score (I think that is the correct musical term, but I could be far off!), taught musical, but non-percussionists their new instrument, and today conducted them in concert. With the help of a friend he even made a video using clips of their 5 rehearsals to see how far they came as an ensemble. He then had the audience participate by clapping or snapping at different beats to add to the piece. Everyone had so much fun.

The conductor

The next generation percussionist

The happy couple on a very happy day!

I also took video of the performance, but only the first minute or so. I realized his mom was doing the same thing and Snoh (Marcel's brother) was getting restless and is very fascinated with digital cameras.

I am so proud of Marcel for such a big accomplishment. He's one step closer to graduation!

April 20, 2009

Bridal Shower Weekend

This last weekend, my mom and sisters(Emily & Hannah) were in town. The main reason they came was to help me move into my new apartment and we all had the brilliant idea to do double duty and have a bridal shower for my very upcoming wedding. My mom and sisters did a great job planning the thing, with the help of my bridesmaids, Amy and Kelly. We played a lot of fun games and had good food, just what a party should have! I had a lot of good friends at the shower, including Marcel's mom and aunt who drove down from Washington. I had seen our wedding colors together in a magazine, but until the shower I had yet to see it together. They were even able to find fake pink and orange daisies for decorations--it was a relief to love how it came together so beautifully!
My wonderful sisters & maid of honors

My awesome roommates & bridesmaids

The girls of my family

Enjoying the party they planned so perfectly!

The bouquet for the rehearsal dinner

The Bridal Party

A priceless picture to the photographer

High school buddies
(the original MB2--squared!)

The guests

Sunday, the day after the shower, we went into town and I was finally able to wear my dress again! They finally brought it from Idaho, and we went to David's Bridal because I decided I wanted a veil for the big day. It was nice to have it on--it made me realize May 30th is actually going to be here and I'm not planning for a day so far away. I cropped the picture below to cut out my dress even though Marcel doesn't know how to read my blog just to keep everyone in suspense. Only my mom and sisters have seen it on and it will be that way for 40 more days!

My lovely sisters who have been tremendous help the last 7 months!

April 19, 2009

Bridal Shower Preview

I'm exhausted and we still have a TON to do before my family leaves tomorrow but I took pictures from their cameras and am so excited about them, so here's one of us!

Before my bridal shower

April 17, 2009

Hannah's In Town

My littlest sister, Hannah, has been in town since Monday after driving out our new car (a picture will be coming, I've yet to take one!). We've completely moved my stuff out of my current house, except a few key items I need until May 1st, when I have to be out of the house, oh and of course the big furniture. Marcel and I decided that we should take her to do something fun so we were very cheap hosts and took her bowling.

Our bowling alley has free bowling on Thursday nights for students, so we all bowled for free! It is something I only did 2 times the whole time I was in school. Marcel won both games, and I was very disappointed in my bowling performance, but we had a blast anyway!

Sisters reunited at last!

The big winner

April 13, 2009

Easter & Snoh's Birthday

Yesterday, Marcel and I had a very busy Easter Sunday. We headed up north to Olympia/Lacey (I always say we go to Olympia, but I'm pretty sure they live in Lacey!) after 2 church services in Oregon, one we attended and one I taught. It is a drive that I hate actually driving, but had to because I'm still in the rental car and Marcel is not authorized to drive it. We stopped halfway through the trip for food and drink because I had gotten sick the night before. We weren't there for too long, because Marcel had school to get back for, but all in all, we had a great time. Got to see some family-to-be and had a pretty relaxing day off from everything.

Onto the best part: pictures!
The birthday boy on his new bike
(in the garage, because it was trying to flood yesterday!)

Mr. & Mrs. Bailey (in 47 days)
Me and Myah, Marcel's darling cousin, who instantly attached to me, just like she did 6 months ago on Thanksgiving. We know that we'll have one just like her someday:)
A pretty silly picture but we took it ourselves
All the kids enjoying their birthday cake in the kitchen
(it was delicious and made by the same guy doing our wedding cake!)
Hope everyone else had an Easter as good as we did!