June 11, 2009


Once again I'm reminding you that I have a new site and I did in fact already import this one so everything I've ever posted is there as well. That means I may one day delete this blog but I'm waiting for awhile, if I ever get around to it at all.


June 9, 2009

Wedding Post

Okay, I have finally found some time to post about our wedding, but I'll warn you: it's very short and brief, with only 3 pictures from what I took of days leading up to the big day. I'm working towards getting pictures from people via facebook and myspace, which takes me a good amount of time.
Anyway, the post is at my new site:
That is also where most, probably more like all, of my future posts will be.
I may even try to import this blog into that one so I only have one address but I'm not getting around to that either for awhile!