April 24, 2009


Last night, Marcel and I were lucky enough to be able to attend Grease in Portland's Keller Auditorium. I was invited because I am a part of Pacific's Alumni Association, everyone who graduates becomes a part of it, I didn't do anything special! I knew it was a "cultural" event which Marcel likes to have me do to open my world up to new things, yet it was one I was actually really excited for. Even with the group ticket prices, I couldn't afford to buy the tickets just because so we went for Marcel's birthday, which is on Sunday. I even treated him to dinner before at his place of choice: P.F. Changs. Little did we know, we'd be there for happy hour and get out with dinner for 2 and dessert for $20!

We had a great time, even if they did overplay Taylor Hicks' role in the whole thing! He did get to sing one of his new songs and we decided that it will make the playlist for our wedding, which is getting closer and closer. We can't wait ;)

At P.F. Chang's

The fountain outside the Keller

Grease is the word!

Before the show

My driver ;)

After the show waiting in the parking garage

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