April 13, 2009

Easter & Snoh's Birthday

Yesterday, Marcel and I had a very busy Easter Sunday. We headed up north to Olympia/Lacey (I always say we go to Olympia, but I'm pretty sure they live in Lacey!) after 2 church services in Oregon, one we attended and one I taught. It is a drive that I hate actually driving, but had to because I'm still in the rental car and Marcel is not authorized to drive it. We stopped halfway through the trip for food and drink because I had gotten sick the night before. We weren't there for too long, because Marcel had school to get back for, but all in all, we had a great time. Got to see some family-to-be and had a pretty relaxing day off from everything.

Onto the best part: pictures!
The birthday boy on his new bike
(in the garage, because it was trying to flood yesterday!)

Mr. & Mrs. Bailey (in 47 days)
Me and Myah, Marcel's darling cousin, who instantly attached to me, just like she did 6 months ago on Thanksgiving. We know that we'll have one just like her someday:)
A pretty silly picture but we took it ourselves
All the kids enjoying their birthday cake in the kitchen
(it was delicious and made by the same guy doing our wedding cake!)
Hope everyone else had an Easter as good as we did!

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