April 22, 2009

Marcel's Presentation

Today Marcel presented his senior thesis entitled Percussion In Ensemble. He composed a percussion score (I think that is the correct musical term, but I could be far off!), taught musical, but non-percussionists their new instrument, and today conducted them in concert. With the help of a friend he even made a video using clips of their 5 rehearsals to see how far they came as an ensemble. He then had the audience participate by clapping or snapping at different beats to add to the piece. Everyone had so much fun.

The conductor

The next generation percussionist

The happy couple on a very happy day!

I also took video of the performance, but only the first minute or so. I realized his mom was doing the same thing and Snoh (Marcel's brother) was getting restless and is very fascinated with digital cameras.

I am so proud of Marcel for such a big accomplishment. He's one step closer to graduation!

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