May 21, 2009

9 Days

We're 9 days away!!! We did the paperwork yesterday for our marriage license, so we won't just be having a big party, it will be legal too.

The real reason for the post: because it has been my journal over the last year. I've finally hit that point of feeling that there is a lot left to do. I just heard back from the campus lady about all the stuff I emailed her about almost 2 weeks ago and now have just 5 days to finish everything she needs. The caterers added a bunch of stuff to our contract, which we've never signed a copy of, so know I am going through what we had decided on originally and making the new contract match it again.

I'm trying very hard to be positive about it, because the wedding is supposed to be a celebration and I don't need it to be causing me stress. I'm just ready for the next 9 days to pass, so it can FINALLY be May 30th.

On a more positive note, I decided today that I'm most excited for Marcel to see me walk down a very long aisle in my beautiful white dress and exchanging the letters we've written to each other, which aren't going to be shared until the wedding; and not to mention:
our honeymoon in Las Vegas!

Other countdowns I've started:

2 days: Marcel graduates
3 days: Sisters arrive
4 days left of work
5 days until everything has to be into campus
6 days until I'm on vacation
7 days: Bachelorette party & Mom arrives
8 days: Dad arrives & rehearsal dinner
9 days: WEDDING

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Ben and Krystle said...

HOW exciting!!! The best advise I can give you is to not stress out on your wedding day! Just let everything happen. If something goes wrong laugh about it. Infact I have to tell you when Ben and I got married, we got married in the LDS temple so it is a little differnt than a traditional wedding but I had my dress busseled, hooked on just ONE button, and some how Ben managed to step on the back of my train and pop the button off and than came down my train. It was pretty funny!! I never got my dress fixed. The button is still off and I still have it!! I hope you guys have a GREAT time on your honeymoon. If you need any more last miniute advise I am here for you.