April 20, 2009

Bridal Shower Weekend

This last weekend, my mom and sisters(Emily & Hannah) were in town. The main reason they came was to help me move into my new apartment and we all had the brilliant idea to do double duty and have a bridal shower for my very upcoming wedding. My mom and sisters did a great job planning the thing, with the help of my bridesmaids, Amy and Kelly. We played a lot of fun games and had good food, just what a party should have! I had a lot of good friends at the shower, including Marcel's mom and aunt who drove down from Washington. I had seen our wedding colors together in a magazine, but until the shower I had yet to see it together. They were even able to find fake pink and orange daisies for decorations--it was a relief to love how it came together so beautifully!
My wonderful sisters & maid of honors

My awesome roommates & bridesmaids

The girls of my family

Enjoying the party they planned so perfectly!

The bouquet for the rehearsal dinner

The Bridal Party

A priceless picture to the photographer

High school buddies
(the original MB2--squared!)

The guests

Sunday, the day after the shower, we went into town and I was finally able to wear my dress again! They finally brought it from Idaho, and we went to David's Bridal because I decided I wanted a veil for the big day. It was nice to have it on--it made me realize May 30th is actually going to be here and I'm not planning for a day so far away. I cropped the picture below to cut out my dress even though Marcel doesn't know how to read my blog just to keep everyone in suspense. Only my mom and sisters have seen it on and it will be that way for 40 more days!

My lovely sisters who have been tremendous help the last 7 months!

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