May 15, 2009

I've Been Thinking

Since last night's Grey's Anatomy my mind has been running. It was such a good episode in terms of television season finales, and it was also very emotional and relational. I feel pretty sappy that a TV show can affect me like this, but I can't deny it; plus those of you who really know me already know this about me!

Since the day Marcel proposed to me we've prayed to always realize what is really important in the wedding (to us, hardly anything, besides the vows) and that the bigger thing is the marriage. The show made me re-realize a few things:
  • We will forever put the other person's hopes, dreams, desires, needs and wants before our own
  • Life will get messy and we'll face things we never could have dreamed, but God prepares us for all our challenges
  • God brought us together nearly three years ago (1 week shy!) and He'll keep us that way if we keep him in our relationship
  • There are rewards to marriage that you can never imagine until you are experiencing them firsthand
  • I'm blessed to have found Marcel when I did, so that we could experience everything in life together.
  • Marcel loves me more than I ever thought someone could be loved--he told me today that he loves me 85 trillion times more than I love him!
I'm only 15 days away from becoming a wife and am continually praying, not only with Marcel, but in my own prayer time, that as the wedding gets closer and closer I lose focus on the little things and the wedding things, but instead take time to consider the bigger things: the vows we'll be taking when we commit ourselves to each other and finally become husband and wife.


McClains said...

so, so, so true! You have a great insight into the whole marriage/wedding thing. Marriage is incredible and it is true that God does bless you so that you can get through any trial together! We are getting excited to come to the wedding and see how beautiful the 2 of you look!

Ben and Krystle said...

I am glad you were able to move all your stuff!! I know exactley how you feel. When Ben and I were first married we were always moving every 6 months it seemed. We were living in appartments as well, we would only sign a 6 months lease because we were not sure where we were going to be in the next six months. So we always ended up moving. We learned to never keep anything to long. I am sorry that we will not beable to make it to your wedding but I would love a wedding invite. If you would like my address it is 12526 W. Avanti Dr. Boise Id, 83713