April 17, 2009

Hannah's In Town

My littlest sister, Hannah, has been in town since Monday after driving out our new car (a picture will be coming, I've yet to take one!). We've completely moved my stuff out of my current house, except a few key items I need until May 1st, when I have to be out of the house, oh and of course the big furniture. Marcel and I decided that we should take her to do something fun so we were very cheap hosts and took her bowling.

Our bowling alley has free bowling on Thursday nights for students, so we all bowled for free! It is something I only did 2 times the whole time I was in school. Marcel won both games, and I was very disappointed in my bowling performance, but we had a blast anyway!

Sisters reunited at last!

The big winner

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Ben and Krystle said...

WHOLY COW you are getting married in just over a month!! Can you BELIEVE it?? It has come up fast!! Are you all ready? I hope you enjoy your wedding day! I wanted to give you some wedding day advice.. Enjoy the day you only get the chance to get married once(hopefully). Don't worry about the little stuff let other people do it for you!! And just fly by the seat of your pants what ever happends happends. Enjoy the love and happines that the wedding will bring. HAVE FUN. Hope you are doing well.